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From Homeless Refugee to Anything Is Possible

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Seattle Real Estate Producers Editor: Isaac Stegman
Featured Agent: Thach Nguyen
Written by
Stephanie Owens
Photo: Larenz Barstow

Q. How much real estate related business will Thach do in 2017?
Thach Real Estate Group will generate over $3 million income from selling real estate, rehabbing homes and building new construction in 2017.

Q. Tell us about Thach’s leadership style
If the Dalai Lama and Robert Kiyosaki had a baby it would be Thach Nguyen! Thach is a visionary. He paints a vision of wealth and spiritual balance that inspires people to dream big and reach for what they truly want in life. Beyond words, Thach is a living, walking breathing example that anything is possible. His transparent, authentic and energetic example gets people fired up and inspired to achieve their own goals and dreams.

Q. What is Thach’s “differentiator”
Thach lives and leads from true contribution. He holds himself to the standard to live by the Law of Contribution, which states: “The level of your success and happiness is in direct proportion to the number of people you serve SELFLESSLY!”

Q. What BOOK do you think has recently impacted Thach the most, and how?
“Ask And It Is Given” by Abraham Hicks (and all Abraham audios which he listens to daily). While this is a book that he originally read for the first time years ago, it continues to be the message that has been the most impactful to him. These teachings turned his focus from DOING and GRINDING to truly understanding the Law of Attraction and the power of vibration in creating success with ease, balance and joy.

Q. What are Thach’s BIG goals for the future?
By using his own life as an example, Thach knows he will impact a billion people to see that anything is possible so they are inspired to dream big and reach for their own goals and dreams. He also has a goal to own 1000 rental properties by 2030 and generate $1 million of passive income each month.

Thach’s Journey… “As I think back on my journey from homeless Vietnamese refugee to where I am today, truly living the American dream, I think the most powerful lesson I have learned is contribution. Contribution is being of service with no agenda. An early example of contribution for me was a man named Charles Zettler. He and his mom sponsored my family and me to leave the refugee shelter, and they shared their home with all eight of my family members for over a year while we got on our feet. They contributed to us without any expectations or agenda just to make the world a better place for others.

I think I was too young to fully appreciate the Zettler’s example at the time, but the memories of their generosity circled back to inspire me many times as I got older. I admit that when I was climbing the ladder as a young agent, I was a bulldozer because I hadn’t yet learned that building quality relationships is the key to success.

The chip on my shoulder and my need to prove myself made me more focused on what I needed rather than thinking of others. As the challenges and breakdowns stacked up, my eyes were opened to the wisdom of the Law of Contribution which states: “The level of your success and happiness is in direct proportion to the number of people you serve selflessly.” This law and the example of Charles Zettler have been guiding principles to me ever since.

I’m happy to say that leading with contribution not only accelerated my success and allowed me to grow my business faster and with less effort, but it feels awesome too! What’s so powerful about living The Law of Contribution is that anyone can do it. Kindness is a choice. Each of us can find something – big or small – each day to contribute to someone else.

It doesn’t have to be flashy or expensive. Just being mindful enough to put your agenda on the back burner and TRULY LISTEN to someone allows them to feel valued, uplifted and appreciated. There’s not much that is more important or valuable than that.

In addition to contribution, if I had any advice for people who want to create immense success in their life, I’d say you need to have 4 crucial pillars in place. (I’ll share more about each of these pillars in greater depth in future articles, so stay tuned).

First, you must know your end game. What is your exit strategy to create passive income so you can get out of the rat race and work because you CHOOSE to, not because you have to? Next, you must have a powerfully resilient mindset to help you navigate the tough times, distractions and sets backs that are part of life and dreaming big.

You may have a $10,000,000 skill set, but if you only have a $100,000 mindset you will struggle and grind rather than enjoy journey. Third, develop strong skillset. Be well trained and know your stuff! Finally, find mentors and a community that share your values, support your goals and dreams and can kick you in the butt from time to time.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with, so choose wisely. When you have these four pillars solidly in place and are fueled with contribution you can create a life by design comprised of what true wealth is – freedom, abundance, joy and balance.

Remember…anything is possible when you dream big and serve unconditionally.


Isaac Stegman, Editor


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